Conducting Exams

Parents can prepare the question papers in 5 minutes with detailed solutions and answers.

Helps to Increase Active Learning as well as Quite Learning

In our Traditional educational system, all children need to follow the methods of active learning and Quite Learning.

By using QB365 parents can give more attention in active learning sessions like asking and answering questions, solving problems and exploring interests in their schooling activities.

It also helps to increase the quite learning performances such as reading and writing practices. With the help of QB365 parents can create a question paper & answer keys with the help of the preloaded question bank and blueprints. Without system and subject knowledge they may prepare question papers within few clicks.


Book Back Questions

10 Years

Previous Year Question papers


Example Questions


Creative Questions

How parents can become a Teacher

Spend 5 Minutes for your Children's growth. This 5 Minutes will help you to improve your children's education level. You can improve your kid's educational skills by taking exams at home, not by sitting hours next to him. Just allow him the question paper, which you can create using QB365. Answer key & steps are readily available in your portal.


Keys to identify their Subject's Knowledge

Learning doesn't end in the classroom, yet most parents are at a loss when it comes to supporting their children's educational development. Many try to do too well and others let them roam free and hardly monitor their progress. We are providing a better solution for identifying your kid's education level.


As a Parent, you should know your children's subject knowledge and how they performed in their exams.

Ask questions

Without questioning nothing will be happened. You should ask about their daily preparation methods

Conducting Exams

Writing practice helps to improve the marks in final. Conduct exams in the home itself



No need to worry about the answer keys, Answer key & steps can be automatically available in the generated question papers.


Depth analysis reports provide complete performance analysis in particular chapters

Decision Making

Based on the cumulative performance you can decide and find out the strong zone and weaker area of particular chapters



There is no type limitation by counts. QB365 contains various question types and it completely covered the current academic exam patterns. Most of the public exam question papers are covered with

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Match the Following
  • True [OR] False Questions
  • Comprehension Type questions
  • Descriptive Question types (2 mark, 3 Mark, 5 Mark, 10 Mark, etc)

Increase your kid's learning performance

By showing interest in your children's education, it will create an enthusiasm in their school activities and also it leads them to enjoy knowledge as well as rewarding in their career

Starts Now

Prepare Question Paper and Conduct reqular written test @ home.

See the 100% performance of your child in the academic final exams.

Create Question paper in 2 Minutes with the help of preloaded blueprints

QB365 provides scheduled preloaded blueprints. It completely based on their current academic syllabus and day to day activities. With the help of this preloaded blueprint, parents can prepare the question papers for their children.

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Conducting Exams in Home itself

We all know that examinations play a very significant role in our children's education. Exams aren’t only reviewing their knowledge and also help to realize where they stand in studies among their peers. Plenty of options are readily available to measure your children's subject knowledge.

Subject Based Question papers

Prepare any number question paper in a specific subject and conduct the tests.

Chapter Based Question papers

Want to check the performance of a particular chapter, no problem - just generate the question paper on that chapter.

Previous Year Question papers

Prepare a special question papers from all previous year asked questions, and know the in depth knowledge of your childs prepartion.

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