QB365 offers parents can become a good teacher of their children

Spend 5 Minutes for your Childrens growth. This 5 Minutes will help to improve your children's eductaion level .


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QB365 offers parents can become a good teacher of their children

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Parents as Teachers

children are more successful at school when parents are involved. Better yet, teachers, too, are positively affected when parents take interest. You can improve your kid's educational skills by taking exams at home, not by sitting hours next to him.


How parents can involved their child's education


Report Analysis

Online Practice Tests

Parents can measure the child's education level by conducting online exams with following options

  • Online Mock Test
  • Subject Based Practice Test
  • Chapter Based Practice Test
  • Detailed test analysis results & reports

Question Papers

Question paper Preparation

parents also acts as teacher. Parents can create question paper in 5 minutes with the help of the following options

  • Chapter Based Question papers
  • Blueprint Based Question papers
  • Previous Year Question papers
  • Common sharing by institution & Others

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Why you should Subscribe QB365

Transparent and Actionable Reporting

QB365 offers complete transperant report of your children's subject knowledge based on their test performance

Parent Classrooms

you can measure the child's interest on particular subject and Conduct class room learning activities for that subject

Boost Performance

With the help of parenting portal, you can increase the child's performance by conducting subject and chapter based test

Transparent Results

Depth analysis report helps to find the strong zone and week zone in particular subject area.

Defined Solutions

QB365 contains 90% of all possible questions with detailed solutions. It completely covered by current academic syllabus

Decision Making

It helps to maka the better decision for your children's higher studies plan

Parents As Teachers

QB365 The Success Mantra to crack Academic and Competitive Exams .

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